A feed forward neural network with Python

16 November 2018 admin 0

First of all, prepare to execute the python script by installing the proper libraries in the Anaconda terminal:

If you have problems to install […]

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Python Notes

15 November 2018 admin 0

Create a Dictionary with keys taken from a List and fixed values


Create a Dictionary with keys and values taken from two […]


14 November 2018 admin 0

This PDF contains answers about how to… Compute the partial derivative and the gradient of a function Compute the function at given input values Increase […]

Visual C++ Code Snippets

1 July 2018 admin 0

CodeSnippet#1 A Textbox’s text is of CLI String type (System::String^) and not C++ String (std::string). Here an example on how to convert one type into […]