IoT with ESP32 Board

23 July 2019 admin 0

Motivation The ESP-32 development board makes it possible to code in the Arduino IDE and does not need any external wireless connectivity. In this post […]

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Replace a parameter’s value inside text file with MATLAB

7 July 2019 admin 0

Assuming we file.txt, which looks like this:

Task: open file.txt in Matlab, change the value corresponding to KEY8 (which is “VALUE8”) to e.g. “NEW […]

The software design process

17 February 2019 admin 0

There is no unique general way to proceed when designing a system. I’m writing this list as personal reference, which can be updated over time […]

The Evolution Theory

15 February 2019 admin 0

I will keep this post updated with websites giving information about the evolution theory, especially with answers to common creationists questions. The sources of information […]