Visual C++ Code Snippets

1 July 2018 admin 0

CodeSnippet#1 A Textbox’s text is of CLI String type (System::String^) and not C++ String (std::string). Here an example on how to convert one type into […]

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Web Scraping with Python

1 April 2018 admin 0

Install Beautiful Soup from terminal:

I wrote some personalized functions using such module. Note: since it can just work with HTML files, we need […]

C++ Notes

24 March 2018 admin 0

How to initialize private member of a class? 1) Constructor’s implementation inside the class:

2) Constructor’s declaration inside the class:

And its implementation […]

Curve fitting

5 September 2017 admin 0

One of my preferred task I like to see solved by the powerful computational skills of calculators is the curve fitting: we have some measured […]