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How to get a matrix row number if values are found [Matlab]

30 November 2019 admin 0

Suppose we have this matrix

and we need to search for the values

to get the corresponding row numbers of the matrix in […]

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Replace a parameter’s value inside text file with MATLAB

7 July 2019 admin 0

Assuming we file.txt, which looks like this:

Task: open file.txt in Matlab, change the value corresponding to KEY8 (which is “VALUE8”) to e.g. “NEW […]


14 November 2018 admin 0

This PDF contains answers about how to… Compute the partial derivative and the gradient of a function Compute the function at given input values Increase […]

Curve fitting

5 September 2017 admin 0

One of my preferred task I like to see solved by the powerful computational skills of calculators is the curve fitting: we have some measured […]

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How to 2D-plot moving points in MATLAB

30 August 2017 admin 0

The following MATLAB codes are also compatible with GNU Octave (I used the version 3.8.1). This is the final function I wrote:

Note: since […]