Python tool to run multiple tests of different project versions

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You have a project folder doing computations and yielding results. You want to run more tests (or simulations) combining different versions of the some files. It can be boring to use the copy & paste for every test you need to run. Furthermore you can make mistakes because you do not remember which version of that file is stored in what place.

Please keep in mind that:

  • This tool is still at the very first version and is far away from being robust or even decent.
  • I’m aware the program doesn’t look that fancy.
  • Many reasonable functions are still missing!

But still, I could not wait to upload it, since later versions and changes can always be made and I don’t even know when I will continue to work on it. Oh, right, and also because I don’t care.


  1. Download, unzip and move the files to any install directory you like.
  2. Add the install directory to the PATH variable.
  3. Enter python in the address bar of the install directory
  4. Copy the content of “sendto” folder, open any directory, enter “shell:sendto” in the address bar and paste there.


By right clicking any file and opening the “sent to” menu, we can see different MULTIRUN functions:

  • add : it will store the current file version and let the user to write a description to be able to recognize it later; by repeating this operation, increasing numbers will be assigned to newer versions
  • load : it will replace the current file with any version the user will choose among the added files having the same name; a list of such files is shown in the terminal with their corresponding description
  • info : if “add” or “load” operation was performed on the current file, it will be shown what is the last recorded (through “add” or “load” operation) version of the file
  • test : this must be performed on a folder; it will automatically copy the current folder (with all sub folder) a given number of times and choose for each copy which version of the stored files do you want to use; finally a file named TestSetting.log will appear in the same folder, telling which version was used for which file.
  • set-as-newest : set the current folder path as the newest version; you can use it if you don’t want to memorize where did you store your last project version
  • get-newest : it givest you the last path set with “set-as-newest” operation


  • Names are important! Use the same file names for different test. The program memorizes file names, so when the program has to replace your file with e.g. older versions, it will search them by name. It means, if you change name to a file in your project, the program will not recognize it.
  • Python must be installed in your computer.
  • If you change installation directory after installation, the necessary files will not be found.

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