Simple circuit simulation with KiCAD

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Open KiCad


Create a new Project and open on the corresponding .sch file inside the list on the left by double clicking on it.


Build your circuit by placing parts (3) and wiring them (4) and creating labels (5) to identify the quantities to measure. This is, for example, the voltage source chosen after clicking on Place Part:


This is our circuit (in order to set the values, just double click on the component and fill the corresponding field):


Note: don’t forget the ground (GND)! Otherwise the simulation would not work

Note 2: by double clicking on the Voltage source and selecting “Edit Spice Model” (german: Editiere Spice-Modell) you can set different parameters of your source for the simulation. We don’t need to do it now.

Go to tools > Simulator, now click on Settings. I selected my source V1 and gave start and end value.


In this case, the sketch will show increasing voltages along the x-axis.

Press OK and Start Simulation. Now click on the Probe (9) and then click on all points on your circuit you need to observe, in my case I clicked on the labelled wires “in” and “out”. This is the result:



If you want to observe the voltages over time, instead of source voltage, set the simulation time in the “Transient” tab instead of the source voltage before you run the simulation, as shown in this picture:


Click OK, select Start simulation, add the Probe like before and this is the new result:


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