Set up VS Code for PHP Development

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Download and install Visual Studio Code.

Install the following extensions from the Extentions button


PHP IntelliSense
PHP IntelliSense – Crane
Code Runner
PHP Debug
Auto Close Tag
Beautify: Briefly, it reformats HTML or JavaScript source to improve readability by an human. To use it press F1 > Beautify selection
Laravel Blade Snippets: allows Emmets Abbreviations (see next section)
CSS Peek
jQuery Code Snippets: can be called by typing jq inside a .js file
Document This: use with Ctrl+Alt+D two times; works just with js
AutoFileName: it allows you to obtain the list of files given in a folder while typing a relative path from the current file’s folder.


  • Ctrl+^ or click on the corresponding button  VSCode_splitV : Split the view in tho parts vertically
  • Alt+Shift+0 : Switch the split function orientation

Emmets Abbreviations

Here’s an example: this abbreviation

#page>div.logo+ul#navigation>li*5>a{Item $}

…can be transformed into

Try by yourself:


See the cheatsheet for more abbreviations:

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